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Step-By-Step Training About How to Create An Online Information Product.

Lifestyle Income Solution is a 10-part program that includes video, audio, and PDF training versions for your convenience.

It is a very comprehensive program and in particular, you will learn the following:

1. The difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE incomes .
2. Why you should create your own product.
3. What niche should you select?
4. The 8 keys to success.
5. To understand who will buy your product.
6. How to really understand your prospect’s profile.
7. To appreciate the different mindsets prospects are in.
8. Know what are the FIRST STEPS TO TAKE.
9. Make sure you understand that many people have mindset limitations and believe they do not have the ability to create their own products.
10. Learn how to effortlessly know the profit potential of any niche.
11. What are the key research steps to take?
12. Understand that everyone has different learning preferences.
13. What are the best types of content to use?
14. How you can easily create your own unique content that will differentiate you from your competitors.
15. Know what are the key questions all buyers have BEFORE making any purchase.
16. Be aware of the most common questions asked within your niche.
17. Know the essential reasons why you should become a vendor (product creator).
18. To be aware of the 5 most common fears of failure.
19. Know how to CURATE and well as CREATE content.
20. Be aware of the 8 essential tips for successful product creation.
21. Discover the #1 market research tool that makes niche discovery and product research easy and fun.
22. Know the important elements of both the do-it-yourself AND outsource options for product creation.
23. Know why education is the best way to sell anything.
24. Find out how to effectively spy on your competitors.
25. Be aware of the top 30 resource links for product creation.
26. Explore the secret product flow ideas that will take your buyers through a special learning process.
27. Know what the essentials of an effective offer are.
28. Know how to quickly and easily setup a sales funnel with every product launch.
29. Know how to quickly and easily find great sales copy ideas.
30. Make sure you really understand the critical concepts of Scarcity and Urgency.
31. Be aware of the best types of marketing channels for your product.
32. Know EXACTLY what you are offering.
33. Know the 3 critical tests of any online business.
34. Know that you should always focus on adding value rather than making money.
35. Know how to leverage your product launch.
36. Make sure you have a support system that encourages communication and provides ongoing service. Here’s What You Should Do Next:
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