My name is Nabil and I’m a Lebanese entrepreneur who lives and runs his internet marketing business from Lebanon.

I was born in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean, known for the white-sand beaches.


I am a 61 years old, CEO and founder of www.nabilmacki.com, father of a small family, a wonderful wife, and a young 18 years old boy.

my why

Nabil Macki and Family

My journey started with the beginning of the Lebanese civil war.

Obliged to travel to Montpellier, a region in the south of France to continue my studies, I graduated as a Pharmacist in the year 1986. I then traveled to Africa (Sierra Leone) then to Belgium where I acquired my Belgium Nationality.

As the civil war stopped in Lebanon, I came back to Beirut, got married, and settled down.

During the last few years, I started with the internet business having in mind to change my lifestyle. I knew nothing at all about the trade.

Like most of you who had similar experiences, I was overwhelmed and got confused when I first started online but I’ve worked out things in order to know how to make money online, ethically!. I had to do everything myself, from educating myself through buying lots of courses to building my own website. I went from one program to another by following the mentoring of the so-called “online gurus”.

I went into debt, I struggled, frustrated, while being away from my family and used to blame myself for how I couldn’t give my family the lifestyle they deserved,  meanwhile I wanted to quit everything and my present life behind me, until…..

…… one day, while surfing online, my sight fell on this system… which appeared to be the turning point in my life, and then everything started to change for the best.  I went from frustrations to happiness, from debt to a cash flow and from a full-time job to freelancing and the freedom from working at my own place. I began giving my family the lifestyle we have been dreaming about!.

Helping people reaching their goals and realizing their dreams is my objective.

With the knowledge I grasped, I went into teaching people just like me, how to achieve their dreams and how to regain their financial independence and freedom.

If you are looking for a way to leverage the power of online marketing in order to generate leads and create more sales, I can help and I will use all my knowledge to serve you.