What Is Content marketing?

A simple definition, it’s helping people take another step. We all make progress in life one step at the time. If you can help people take one next step, they will love you forever. Sometimes we need to tell how something works, why it works, how to do it, mistakes to avoid and content marketing…

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13 Differences Between Rich People and Poor People

What is the biggest differences between rich people and poor people? It’s not only the amount they have in their bank accounts, they are completely different from each other. They see the world in different ways. What’s important here, other than the 13 big differences, is to see where you stack up. Do you think and act…

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The Secret To Success

The Secret to Success is modeling the success of others by observing the principles, thinking how you can develop these principles and by taking action. Here is a simple three-step process with why and how they work. LEARN DO TEACH STEP 1 – LEARN In every business, there are fundamentals that must be mastered. When it comes to online marketing, are…

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A Social Media Marketing Strategy

A social media strategy is that SIMPLE Do you really need to be on Instagram, and Snapchat, and Periscope, and Twitte, and every new social media site that pops up? The answer is NO. Not in the beginning anyway. If your goal is to attract quality prospects who are willing to make an investment in…

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What Are The 5 Rules For Success?

Arnold Schwarzenegger had always 5 rules for success You don’t need to be a bodybuilding champion, you don’t need to want to be an action hero or anything like that. If you want to excel to whatever you do, those rules are for you. Rule no.1 – Find your vision and follow it. If you…

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How To Legally Steal Viral Traffic

Very powerful way driving viral traffic to your blog from your Facebook page. You can do this by adding other people information and especially viral posts. Go to your Facebook page and click on Insights. Slide down until you get to “add pages”. Add pages of your competitors to see what they are doing or of people who…

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How To Create 22 Free Leads A Day

The whole objective is to get people to talk with you about them: conversation And to do that you need to control and guide the conversation. And that’s why we use the scripts. Lots of people start with the conversation and get lost in the middle of that, they lose their direction and don’t know where…

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3 Tips How To Get Really Noticed Online

If you have just started a blogging career, writing a post every day or every week, and no one is coming to visit or showing an interest, no one is leaving a comment, here’s 3 tips to help you get noticed online: 1 – Know to whom you are writing the post for. Make sure to…

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3 Important Skills Entrepreneurs Need In Sales

The 3 most important skills that entrepreneurs need in sales are: Finder – Closer – Developer. When we watch sales movies, we will hear always closing, closing, everything is about CLOSER. And nobody is paying attention to the FINDER and DEVELOPER. In sales, 1 – FINDER is very important. FINDER is somebody who goes out…

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How To Be A Content Leader As Entrepreneur?

How Do You Work As Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur has to show up as a leader, as somebody who has something to offer, somebody who can teach, who can guide and who can lead. And what is interesting about this, you can be brand new and you don’t have to have a lot of experience. Finding…

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11 Principles To Activate Your Millionaire Mind For Success

Activating your millionaire mind for success, becoming rich and financially free is a dream. If you don’t want to be struggling financially your entire life, you have to follow the right formula: Study, Learn And model the right people. With the right tools, knowledge, attitude, and the action, getting rich and becoming financially free are…

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