The Secret To Success

The Secret to Success is modeling the success of others by observing the principles, thinking about how you

can develop these principles by taking action.

Here is a simple three-step process with why and how they work.

  • DO


In every business, there are fundamentals that must be mastered.

When it comes to online marketing, are fundamentals and Essential skills that must be learned and practiced.

Start with these five basics.

Identify the right offer

Identify the right avatar.

Can you reach this audience?

Can you build a funnel to promote this?

Can you build your list promoting this?

Do you trust the product owner?

Do you use upsells?

What is the current earning per click among affiliates?

Only by mastering these fundamentals, you will be able to succeed and driving traffic before knowing these

fundamentals will be a waste of time and money.

Because the first step is to know WHAT you need to learn, make a list of the essential skills you need to

learn to succeed or observe people who have already succeeded in your chosen field:

  • What they are doing
  • Where they put their ads
  • How do their sales letters and offers look like?
  • How their sales funnel look like?
  • How they are building their list?
  • What do they say in their follow-up emails?
  • How do they position themselves as an authority?
  • How do they use content to build authority and trust?

MODEL the success of others and understand why and how they are succeeding.

HOW you are going to learn once you have chosen your list of essential skills?

  • Will you take an online course?
  • Will you read a book?
  • Will you hire a coach or consultant?
  • Will you simply learn by doing?

Make your plan and take action.


Now you know what to do, it’s time to take action and practice your work to be effective.

  • Create squeeze pages.
  • Create sales funnels.
  • Create lead magnets.
  • Write sales letters.
  • Record video modules for membership sites.
  • Write follow-up email messages.
  • Answer support tickets.
  • Choose prices for my products.
  • Write ads.
  • Write articles.
  • Find profitable products.
  • Find traffic sources.

 Identify the top three things you will need for your success in your chosen line, do each one EVERY DAY for the next seven days.

At the end of the first week, you will be better and at the end of the 8th week, you will be flying high.


To make money online, the success formula is to master a skill and then teach others to master it too

for a fee.

Teach people what you know, how to do what they need to do to go from where they are now to where

they want to be in the shortest time possible.

Find people who need to master the essential skills for success in your chosen field.

Always, you have to read, learn, practice, and test.

When you find something that works, ONLY then, start to teach it to others.

If you learn this three-step process now, you will be on your way to creating passive income for years to come.

Sources: Charlie Page.

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