3 Important Skills Entrepreneurs Need In Sales

The 3 skills that entrepreneurs need in sales are:

Finder – Closer – Developer.

When we watch sales movies, we will hear always closing, closing, everything is about CLOSER.

And nobody is paying attention to the FINDER and DEVELOPER.

In sales,

Skill # 1 – FINDER is very important. FINDER is somebody who goes out networking and finds the contact to close.

Skill # 2 – CLOSER is somebody who is good at asking questions that maybe somebody else is afraid to ask and get into the process. They are good at the script, they know how to close.

Skill # 3 – DEVELOPER is somebody who follows up with the client that was close by the closer and found by the finder.

Most companies don’t even think about the DEVELOPER. They are mainly in the closer section and not even in the finder section.

Which is the most valuable of these three skills to a sales organization?

Most people automatically go to CLOSER. Generally, most people say the CLOSER is the most important.

FINDER is by far the most important skill and position to find.

Let me explain why?

Once in a while, you can find somebody who has all the three skills, Finder-Closer-Developer and if they do, it is guaranteed that they will do 7 figures unless they are lazy. But most of them don’t have all of them.

So, why FINDER is more important than CLOSER? Because CLOSER can be taught and even DEVELOPER can be taught but FINDER cannot always be taught.

FINDERS are irreplaceable because the system can teach how to sell.

The system can teach how to follow up but system finding takes a lot of courage to do this.

Credit: Patrick B-David.


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