3 Tips How To Get Really Noticed Online

If you have just started a blogging career, writing a post every day or every week, and no one is coming to visit, or

showing an interest, no one is leaving a comment, here are 3 tips to help you get noticed online:

Tip # 1 – Know to whom you are writing the post.

Make sure to really understand who your target audience is, what are their challenges, and what are their pain

points, problems, or frustrations.

You must have it clearly in your mind and you will one post at a time to answer one specific question.

That’s the way you start attracting people to you because people want to know the answers to their specific problems.

Tip # 2 – Be conversational.

Don’t give people lectures, make them feel welcome, make them feel that you understand them, and write your

post as you are talking to them, to your friend.

If you can create a little video, stick it in your blog, and again be conversational.

Tip # 3 – Grab their attention. This is critical.

Have a title grabbing the attention of people with a little mystery or a title for SEO engines.

Be real, be you, be authentic. Share what is absolutely real for you.

People love reality.

Show them that you are real.

Share your mistakes, people will enjoy that and will appreciate you even more.

Try and be different. How?

Branding yourself

When they come to your blog make them feel welcome.

Don’t bombard them with banners and with offers.

When you get a comment from a reader, create a one minute thank you video personalized for that person, talking to

them about the post they visited and why you are thanking them and post it on YouTube as an unlisted video, then

send them an email with a link to that video.

It does make you memorable.

Source: Peter Beckenham.

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