How To Create 22 Free Leads A Day With Conversation

The whole objective is to get people to talk with you about them: conversation

And to do that you need to control and guide the conversation.

And that’s why we use the scripts.

Lots of people start with the conversation and get lost in the middle of that, they lose their direction and don’t

know where they go or they think they are wasting time talking to the wrong people.

This is the curiosity conversation script that you can start with:

“If I could show you how to _________, would you want to see it? Let me know below if you are interested and I’ll

show it to you”

“If I could show you how to double your sales with no paid ads, would you want to see it? Let me know below if

you are interested and I’ll show it to you”

If you can combine a text with an image you can get probably a much bigger reaction in your news feed.

But you really need to use Natural NOT Commercial Images.

What happens next?

For every YES you get on that particular post, you place a comment in the COMMENT section.

Do Not use the “Reply” section. The Reply section doesn’t give you much exposure.

Then tag them. Why do you do it this way? to rank your post. When you comment say “Thank you (tag name).

Next step in conversation

Go to the profile of the person that you just left a comment for, like some of his posts, and maybe even leave a


The idea is to show interest in them.

Then send them a Personal Message (PM) and this is the message:

“(First Name), thank you for personally connecting with me through my post about_____. Just curious, what are

you hoping to see?”

At this point, you start to build conversation and get them engaged.

And more important is trying to uncover any problems or pain points that a particular person may have.

When the prospect answers your PM, ask them WHY every time.

Example: “I want to earn more money” you and I know that it’s too general so, your response will be: “Just curious.

Why do you want to earn some more money?” – Push them.

Prospect: “I need to earn some more money to pay for my daughter’s college education in 2 years” – Now you have

got the reason why they want to earn more money. Now you know why they reacted to your curiosity post about

doubling sales.

Building Rapport

Now we go to the most important aspect of this whole conversation you’re having, and it’s called Building


Whatever specific answer they give you start to build immediate RAPPORT.

And you can do it very quickly because a RAPPORT is when 2 people agree on TWO facts, not just ONE then you

start to achieve rapport and trust.

Plus, if you use the “Group Acceptance” approach they will feel comfortable and will also help you.

People like to be followers all the time and if you are a good leader, you lead, you control this conversation,

and they will follow you to a certain extent.

Never say “SOME PEOPLE”

Always use MOST PEOPLE, EVERYBODY SAYS, EVERYBODY KNOWS in your response to them.

This is what I mean by group acceptance.

So, your response will be: “Awesome! EVERYBODY KNOWS that a college education is vital to the future of our

children, and it takes a lot of money, especially for girls.”

Can you see the 2 facts? One is everybody knows and the second, it takes a lot of money.

It’s very difficult for people to argue with that because most people will agree with you and that’s how you build


Present what you have

Once you have the Rapport created then you can go to the last stage and be careful how you say it because it’s not

closing the sale but guaranteeing you the opportunity for you to present what you have.

This is what to say: “Would be OK if I showed you how you could earn some more money for your daughter’s college

education in 1 year, working only 10 – 15 hours a week on social media, WITHOUT interfering with your current job

and social life?” That is a polite way of asking permission to do your presentation.

If they say NO and some will, don’t argue, thank them for their time and move on.

However, if they say YES, you now have a hot lead!

Source: Peter Beckenham.


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