A Social Media Marketing Strategy

A social media strategy is that SIMPLE

Do you really need to be on Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, and every new social media site that pops up?

The answer is NO. Not in the beginning anyway.

If your goal is to attract quality prospects who are willing to make an investment in your offer (which it should be),

there’s one social media site that easily trumps all the rest.

That social media site is Facebook.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend you focus on Facebook.

Here’s why.

There are over a billion people on Facebook, so chances are, your very best prospects are there.

It sounds obvious, but it’s worth repeating.

In marketing, if you’re trying to reach someone, don’t try to reach them through a medium they’re not consuming.

If you’re trying to reach women in their 50s and 60s through magazine advertising, you’re not just going to advertise

in every magazine you can find.

You’re going to strategically pick the magazines aimed at women in their 50s and 60s.

You’re not going to advertise in magazines aimed at men or children,

because your prospects are not consuming those magazines.

It’s no different with social media.

There are thousands of social media sites, but your prospects are not using most of them.

Chances are; however, they will be using Facebook.

Let me tell you about how I use Facebook in my marketing.

First of all, you can have a Facebook fan page.

You can drive pay-per-click traffic to your fan page and think of it as the storefront of your business.

You can post content to your page, people can comment under it and you can engage them that way.

I do have a few fan pages, but I can’t say they’re my favorite form of Facebook marketing.

Personally, I much prefer Facebook groups.

While Facebook fan pages are public, and everyone can see them, Facebook groups can be private.

The other difference is while only you can post to your Facebook fan page, anyone who’s a member of your Facebook

group can post in it, so it’s a lot more effective at fostering community.

About a few months, I created a Facebook group called “Nabil Inner Circle” and I invited my friends to this group.

Whenever I capture leads on my lead-capture page, I send them some emails and give them the link to the group.

There’s a link to my group at the bottom of the emails.

The main reason I opened this group is to add an extra communication channel for my leads.

Dan Kennedy says, “the most dangerous number in business is one,” and this is definitely true when it comes to

communicating with leads.

If your only communication channel with your leads is email, you could very easily get into trouble one day.

Sometimes, I copy and paste one of my emails into my Facebook group.

Often, the people who get your emails will not read every single one of them.

They might read every third or fourth, but if you can put it in front of them through another medium, it’s a second

chance to reach them.

Another benefit of a Facebook group is social proof.

Imagine if someone joins your list and they don’t really know who you are yet.

But when they see your Facebook group and they see that you have more than 100 people there, that’s incredibly

powerful from a positioning standpoint.

They will start to perceive you as an expert and an authority.

When new prospects see the amount of communication that’s going on in my community, it reassures them.

If you’re wondering what kind of content you should post in your Facebook group, here’s a tip that may bring you

many sales.

What I’ll often do is post some valuable content and follow it with a call to action to reach out to me on Facebook


Your call to action could be to go to a sales page, but you’ll be able to close many more sales if you offer that personal


Of course, this depends on the value of your time.

And if you’re starting out and you’re not making a lot of sales yet, you should definitely be using Facebook live

chat to close sales.

I started by posting content in my group, making an offer, and inviting people to send me a private message if they

were interested in the offer.

Then, I’d see them message me and I’d engage them in a conversation.

This is where you will learn to sell. It’s a skill that takes some time to develop, but once you get good at it, you can

make a lot of sales.

So that’s what I recommend you do.

Open up a Facebook group, invite all your customers, foster the community and start using Facebook private chat to

close sales.


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